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Finding cockroaches in your home or business in Kent can be very distressing. As known carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery & Gastro-enteritis, exposure to this pest also poses significant health risks.

Cockroaches are very tough insects and their ability to breed rapidly makes professional treatment essential to control any infestation. Only expert products and solutions are powerful enough to eliminate all stages of their lifecycle.

If you have noticed an unpleasant, lingering odour under sinks, behind appliances or in store cupboards or have seen evidence of them it is time to contact a professional Pest Control company based in Kent

Larger species of cockroach found in the UK include the Oriental, Australian and American variants which at maturity can be between 20-40mm respectively. The smaller species are more commonly found in the UK however. They are the German and Brown Banded Cockroach reaching 12-15mm in size. Cockroaches of all sizes will be seen within an infestation at various stages of development and may include different species living in parallel. This is typically a sheltered, warm and humid environment away from direct light.

Cockroaches are resilient in part due to their ability to survive on a varied diet. This includes grease, faeces, paper, foul water matter and even each other – dead or alive. Legislative controls from the Kent HSE clearly detail that cockroaches are in no way acceptable in public environments and should be monitored and dealt with accordingly. Cockroach control methods vary according to species however all require progressive treatment over a period of weeks. This can be costly and protracted if the infestation has been allowed to develop.

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