Grey Squirrels are rodents with similar physiological characteristics to rats They are not native to the UK and have since introduction severely unbalanced the ecosystem. Grey squirrels are aggressive, destructive and successful breeders. Squirrel control in Kent is required despite their attractive appearance.

Grey squirrel control can be achieved in a number of different ways however, our experience allows us to use more traditional methods such as trapping.

Grey Squirrels have a broad palate and will eat nuts, fruit buds, birds eggs and nestlings in addition to food put out on bird tables. Breeding typically occurs twice a year with an average litter of three per gestation. Squirrels reach maturity as early as 7 months and can live for 8-9 years although 2-3 is more typical.

Grey Squirrels are very destructive throughout the Kent Area & they will access properties and roof spaces. Their damage is costly where timber and ceiling board will be chewed, insulation stripped from wires and fibreglass used to form a nest. Squirrels have also been known to drown in cold water tanks.

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