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Wasps & Hornets are common place with many wasp nests removed in Kent, and throughout the surrounding area each summer. Wasps are a nuisance due to their desire to build nests close to human habitation. It is primarily the Common and German wasps that are more troublesome with their apparent aggressive behaviour and painful sting. Disconcertingly, at night they can be heard chewing roof timbers if in proximity to sleeping areas.

The threat they pose can be serious, especially if stung around the throat or multiple times, which can cause anaphylactic shock. Wasps can also carry diseases in much the same way as a fly does by collecting dead and decaying animal material, as well as insects, to feed the wasp larvae.

Wasps will defend their nest vigorously, they are often located in high and or confined places, making control very hazardous without proper protective clothing and equipment.

The Professional terminating of a wasp or hornets’ nest is not complicated due to the single treatment capabilities professional insecticides we offer throughout kent and surrounding areas.

We have dealt with the aftermath of many failed DIY attempts that have included the use of highly flammable liquids, boiling water, glue, vanish, expanding foam and more. Save yourself your health and your time. DIY wasp control generally causes more problems than it resolves.

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